Hi everyone!

Sorry for not posting. :(

I just got a second ferret from someone on gumtree today.
He's dark coloured, small, very skinny (not for long I hope, but for now I can feel every bone/vertibrae and his shoulders and hips stick out), has scruffy fur, has a sense of humour (thinks it's funny to make dogs and cats squeal by nipping them), he's an orphan/unwanted ferret. And he's going to be loved and awesome.
So... I've named him Pagan. :D

Mum doesn't 'get it' but I don't care. :D Pagan it is!

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Made these this evening, also another rainbow cake (but doubled, so it's fatter.)

Sorry, not meaning to turn this into a food blog!

Palm Oil

Thanks to my Society and Environment class, I have found out about Palm Oil. I'd seen the signs at the zoo but hadn't really put two and two together and understood what it meant or how many things have palm oil in them. Or the effects it has on the rainforests and therefore the globe. :( 
I think this is a case of "I'd like to change something in my life to help this issue". It'll be really hard to cut all palm oil out of my life, but cutting down would be great. However it's really hard to figure out what has palm oil in it and what doesn't!
It's been suggested that one way to do it is to cook and grow more things yourself- I think I'm inspired. Not quite sure when I'll be able to do this, but I could even start with just biscuits to snack on, or making sure the tomatoes are planted this year.
Has anyone else in Australia reading this tried to grow a vegetable garden? What worked in the heat? What was worth the effort? Mum's always said that carrots and potatoes aren't worth the effort because we eat so many of them. I don't eat that many herbs, or sprouts. Maybe I should start. I'm a big fan of tomatoes. What else could I try for? Maybe things that my family eats (like cucumbers!) even if I don't.

Pirate Hooks

Weird question, but does anyone have a pirate hook and a digital camera?

I'd like some photos like this, with a pirate hook lifting things or grabbing things.
I'm teaching apostrophes, and I thought that pirate hooks might be a good representation of them for possessive apostrophes. You know, he grabs what he owns with his hook.
I would use the photo above (she's taken more) but it's all rights reserved and I have to be legal about this as it's going in a 'photo story' presentation on youtube.

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The South Australian Miniature Enthusiasts are running their 24th Annual Festival of Miniatures and Dollhouses.
This year it's at a new venue:
Payneham Library Complex, Corner of OG Road and Turner Street, Felixstow.
It's on Saturday 8th August, Sunday 9th August, 10 am- 4.30 pm
Admission: $6 for adults, $5 concession, Children under 16: $3.

All proceeds go to the Women and Children's Hospital Foundation Wish List and other Children's Charities.

Come and see some stunning and interesting dollhouses (The feature this year is a French Chateau set in the 18th Century), have the chance to win a dollhouse, have a lucky dip, and shop at the many stalls.
For examples of dollhouse miniatures, see this!

I'll be there both days, shopping and looking around and chatting, and on Sunday I'll be volunteering- demonstrating and selling raffle tickets as well.
Any ideas on what to demonstrate, polymer clay wise?