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longlongwaytogo's Journal

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42, abc, adam morris, adelaide, adminning, adventures, australia, australian comedy, australian history, authors, barrington, bbc, being wonderfully inane, black books, blackadder, boardgame parties, books, britcoms, british comedies, brittas empire, character creation, chaser's war on everything, chatting online, children's television, children's tv, chris barrie, colin lane, comedians, comedy, costumes, creative writing, creativity, danny john-jules, david dixon, david dixon's bouncing hair, doctor who, dollhouse miniatures, douglas adams, drawing, dylan moran, father bloopy, father ted, ford prefect, forums, foyles war, frank woodley, free speech, french & saunders, fry & laurie, geeks, good omens, goodnight sweetheart, guy of gisborne, history, hitchhiker's guide, howard moon, jasper fforde, jeeves and wooster, kate lonergan, knitting, lano, lano and woodley, little ron, maid marian, maid marian merry men, making characters, maulden's obsession with frapps, medieval, men in tights, merry men, monty python, music, names, nanowrimo, nettle, nih, nih injokes, nih-fics, nihnjas, noel fielding, notebookinhand, notebooks, nottingham, parodies, pig of inspiration, plopbop, poetry, pottery, pride and prejudice, print on demand, procrastinating, rabies, reading, red dwarf, robin hood, robin of kensington, rotten rose, rowan atkinson, science fiction, self publishing, shaun micallef, shaun of the dead, sheriff of nottingham, sherwood forest, short stories, showbands, simon pegg, singing, solidarity_against_internet_witch_hunts, south australia, spaced, stand-up comedians, terry pratchett, the brittas empire, the cardboard box, the chronicle, the glass house, the goodies, the mighty boosh, the november madness, the sims, the young ones, tony robinson, travelling, tundra's lamingtons, uk tv shows, vindie's punch, vindie's welcome punch, wayne morris, witch bank, woodley, worksop, worldbuilding, writing, young adult literature

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